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Monday, 10 May 2010

My Poster

Shown below, is my poster promoting my movie, this was also created on Adobe Photoshop.
Firstly, I cut out the photo of Emma very carefully.
Then I took the image of the woods and placed the photo layer over my image.
The title is in white and the caption 'based on a terrifying true story,' is too, this is so it stands out to the page.
I altered the colour of Emma, so that she was darker and more grey, this adds horror to the image, making Emma appear more realistic.
Then the background image of the woods was changed by using the colour contrast tool.
I used red in this image also to make the words 'death,' 'tear' and 'apart,' stand out, but also because red brings the connotation of danger to the audience.
My film has been rated 15 so that the audience can be widened and it would be a greater hit.

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