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Monday, 10 May 2010

Magazine cover analysis

This is a magazine cover for the movie 'Hellboy 2.' The magazine is 'Empire,' which is a well-known successful magazine company.
The main colour scheme is red, black and white. Red and black hold connotations of evil, this is why it is used in this cover, as the name of the movie 'Hellboy' links with hell, red and black are great colour choices.
The white protrudes from the black background, making the words stand out.
The bar code for a magazine can be placed anywhere.The fire in the title 'Empire', also stands out from the screen.
The image is clear, bold and drastic. It is in the centre of the magazine cover which makes it stand out.

This is a magazine cover from 'Empire' magazine.

I chose to analyse this cover as it is slightly unusual as it uses quite neon colours, this breaks the conventions of film magazine covers, but also seen as the film featured in the magazine is 'The dark knight,'
'The dark knight,' is known as a rather gothic movie, which would ofen use dark colours, not bright ones.
The title is large, but I can recognise that the magazine is well-known as the image slightly hides some of the title.
The male actor; 'Heath Ledger' is the main focus of the magazine cover, so the audiences attention is immediately drawn to him, therefore straight away the audience looks at the movie.

This magazine is 'Premiere' magazine.
On this cover, the camera shot is an extreme close-up of Angeline Jolie.
Angelina Jolie is known for being an attractive actress, this cover supports Naomi Wolf's theory (1991) that attractive images of women are used on media products to sell to both sexes.
The model is also glaring out directly towards the camera, targeting the audience.
The magazine is clearly set out, which makes it easy for the buyer to know what is going to be featured in the magazine.
I have noticed that the magazines tend to not feature females dressed as ghosts or monsters etc. again this supports Naomi Wolf's theory. I would like to challenge this convention when creating my movie magazine.

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