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Monday, 10 May 2010

Location choices and song choice

Location choice

Here are the main locations I have chosen to use for my teaser trailer.
  • Living Room- for the conversation shot at beginning and for sophie sitting alone when phone rings.

  • Bed room- is red, which hold connotations of danger, the walls are red and the bedding will also be red. I want to have dead roses in the background as these represent death and life being drained. This location will also be used for the end scene where Sophie sits up in bed.

  • Old library- The lit and phil shown in the image below, has a spooky era to it as it contains a lot of old books, which i thought would be great for my trailer.

  • Park- I am going to use the park where Sophie is walking alone, she will be walking over the hills towards the camera.

  • Woods- Woods are generally creepy places to be in. This is a great setting for my trailer and I wuold like the woods section to be a rather main focus for the trailer. Including screaming scenes, walking scenes, running scenes and various camera shots.

  • Abandoned house- This house is nearby and has been abandoned for years, althoug this will not be the main focus of the trailer, abandoned houses hold connotations of horror.

Song choice

I have looked at various songs such as tracks from 'Muse,' 'Nickelback' and 'Bon Jovi.' None of these tracks seemed to reflect the image or vibe I wanted my trailer to give off.

Luckily, I found a track by a group called 'Two steps from hell' and their track was 'moving mountains.' This song matches my trailer perfectly, it is slow paced and spooky.

Below is my soundtrack.

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