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Monday, 10 May 2010

Final storyline and ideas for print work

Two best-friends, who are inseperable and use friendship bracelets to symbolise this are the main characters of my trailer. This is so it relates to my target audience which I want to be age 15-25, this way my film would make more of an income as it has a wider audience.
Also, I would like my film to be released in the summer holidays so teenagers at school have broken up from school holidays, again widening my audience.
The story is a horror, so something must go wrong.
The blonde friend 'Emma' goes missing and has been murdered, her spirit starts to haunt her brunette friend 'Sophie.' She will haunt her in many different locations such as the library and in her home.
I would like mysterious markings to appear on her arm with scratches saying 'Help Me,' engraved into Sophie's skin. For this we shall use a red lipliner pencil.
Another make-up technique I shall use is on Emma, as I would like a scene off her when she is a ghost/spirit, haunting Sophie in the mirror and lurking the hallway in her house.
For this I will get some stage make-up from school. I have done a practice of this.

This practice has helped me give an idea of what I would like Emma to look like in the final production and I have learnt how to use stage make-up correctly.If my trailer were representing a movie, in the rest of the movie Sophie would go to places she sees in her nightmares to investigate her friends murder further, because the police have closed the case. In the end Emma's spirit would be laid to rest as she would be buried and resting peacefully. It would be very scary, using music to build suspense and suprise scenes to shock/scare the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats.

Print Work

For my print work I am going to create a magazine cover and a poster.
In my magazine cover I am going to use a scary image of Emma, one where she is dressed in tattered clothes and covered in stage make-up. This will challenge normal conventions of movie magazines which tend to use an attractive model for the cover. This also will challenge Naomi Wolf's theory.
I plan to alter the contrast of the image so it is very white, giving her a more ghost-like feel.
Whereas in my poster, I plan to darken the image and use red to create a scary effect, and with the red holding connotations of both evil and danger.
The backgorund of my poster is goingt to be a woods, as trees are often used in horror films; therefore they are a convention.
However, I would like to use trees as they will make the 'ghost' seem trapped, hinting at my storyline of her spirit being trapped.

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