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Monday, 10 May 2010

My Poster

Shown below, is my poster promoting my movie, this was also created on Adobe Photoshop.
Firstly, I cut out the photo of Emma very carefully.
Then I took the image of the woods and placed the photo layer over my image.
The title is in white and the caption 'based on a terrifying true story,' is too, this is so it stands out to the page.
I altered the colour of Emma, so that she was darker and more grey, this adds horror to the image, making Emma appear more realistic.
Then the background image of the woods was changed by using the colour contrast tool.
I used red in this image also to make the words 'death,' 'tear' and 'apart,' stand out, but also because red brings the connotation of danger to the audience.
My film has been rated 15 so that the audience can be widened and it would be a greater hit.

My Movie Magazine Cover

Here is my magazine cover which I created on Adobe Photoshop and added various effects.
I am familiar with Adobe Photoshop as I used the software to create last year's music magazine and I have used it throughout my GCSE's.
I edited the colour of the photo by using the brightness/contrast tool and adjusting the auto colour of the image. I wanted the image to be very white, so that the black and red make-up would protrude from the page.
I used red, black and white as my three main colours as they tend to hold connotations of evil and are used in horror productions.
Red holds connotations of death and danger.
I used drop shadow effects on my texts to make them stand out of the page.
I also used various font sizes so that words such as 'Emma Milne,' would stand out to the audience.
My magazine cover has a bar code, price and caption, just like real magazines out on the market.
I believe that if this were to be put on the market, it would please my target audience of 15-25 year olds and would make a large profit.

'The Abandoned' teaser trailer (my final production)

Below is my movie trailer, watch and leave comments. Hope you enjoy!


Media Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I decided to create a horror, teaser trailer and worked with Sophie Liddle. We decided to separate duties immediately, so we knew exactly our roles were within the production.
We both planned the piece, with me filming it and Sophie doing the editing.
My horror teaser trailer follows the conventions of real media products to a certain extent. Just like movies such as 'The House of Wax' and many other existing movies already released onto the market, my trailer stars a young, beautiful, teenage girl as the victim. Not only this, but the female is also blonde, which is a stereotype in the media industry as being slightly unintellectual, which is why blonde girl’s are usually seen as the victim.
However, my trailer breaks the conventions, as it only stars two female actresses, which goes against Vladimir Propp's narrative theory, which states there is always a hero, who weds the princess, therefore meaning he is male. In my trailer, there is seen to be no hero, as that would break the suspense and ruin the storyline for the audience, but if the story were to be a movie, the hero would be 'Sophie Liddle', who is the brunette, female character, searching for clues about her best friend's mysterious death.
However, if my trailer was really advertising my movie, then my full storyline would follow Tzetvan Todorov's Narrative Theory structure, which is as follows:
1) A state of equilibrium - The two friends conversing happily together.
2) A disruption of that order - The blonde friend disappears.
3) A recognition that this disorder has occurred - The brunette friend knows her best-friend is dead as she is being haunted by her spirit.
4) An attempt to repair the damage - She looks for clues as to wear her friends body could be.
5) A return or restoration of a new equilibrium - The body is laid to rest, meaning the brunette female carries out her life alone, but content that her friend's spirit has entered the after-life.
This follows Todorov's Narrative Theory structure perfectly.
My print work, which was created on Adobe Photoshop, also breaks the conventions, as on the poster and magazine cover, the girl is not dressed up, or looking glamorous, she is scary and horrific. This questions the idea of 'The Beauty Myth,' Naomi Wolf (1991). Naomi Wolf states that attractive images of women are used on media products to sell, they don't only attract the attention of males, but of females too. She believes this to be a way of keeping a patriarchal society in place, by filling women with their own insecurities to keep them down.
My trailer also challenges Laura Mulvey’s theory as she believes that mainstream Hollywood film was the product of a male-dominated and controlled industry, again reflective of a patriarchal society. Her theory also states that regardless of gender, the male gaze occurs, which is where the audience sees things from the perspective of the male protaganist. My promotion package goes against this theory as there is no particular section where the girls are portrayed as being sexual objects or inferior to men.
I chose to have 'Lions Gate Films' and 'Twisted Pictures' as my production companies, as 'Lions Gate' is a well-known company, recognised for having bid budgets and successful releases and opposed 'Twisted Pictures' known for horror films in particular, with the likes of 'Saw' and 'Dead Silence'. Whilst researching their trailers, I noticed that common conventions of a horror teaser trailer are:

o Fast-paced in sections
o Eerie music
o Build suspense and tension
o Flashing words on screen (with strong adjectives, such as 'the gruesome event etc.)
o Blood
o Death
o Killing
o Villain/Victims
o Haunted houses/isolated settings
o monsters
o evil
o weapons
o darkness
o storms
o chase sequences
o gore
o violence
o screams
o Ghosts
o Use of title cards
o Low-lighting
o Voice-over

I included as many of these conventions in my trailer as possible, this way the audience would automatically know that my trailer was promoting a horror film, even from the very beginning, as people have become used to these conventions and now recognise them, subconsciously.
My magazine poster also follows some conventions of horror posters, the colours I have chosen to use are dark colours such as: greens, greys and reds. Red holds a strong connotation in the media, it can represent lust and passion, but in most cases (like mine) it represents death and horror.
The trees behind the ghostly figure make her appear slightly confined and trapped, they hint at the storyline of the girl's spirit being trapped in the 'real' world, it needs to be freed to the afterlife. This is a common convention used in horror products, it makes the actor appear isolated, showing there is no way of her getting away. I looked at the poster for the movie ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose,’ as a style model for this.
My magazine cover is similar, in the way it uses reds, blacks and greys to represent horror and death. Except in my magazine cover I have used a lot of white, which usually represents innocence, in this case I have used this colour to give a 'ghostly feel' to the front cover and pale holds connotations of death.
Another way, both my magazine cover and my poster follows conventions of real media products, is the way my model is glaring straight towards the camera, this is used so that the model is connecting with the audience. Except, it is usually used by attractive models, to sell magazines, promoting sex. However, I have used this technique to slightly scare the audience, so they become intrigued and want to buy either the poster, or the magazine.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I understand that the three pieces of work which I have produced: teaser trailer, magazine cover and poster, would be part of promotion package for my movie; 'The Abandoned'.
The teaser trailer would be released first in cinemas, which gives the audience a taster of the movie. Then, the poster would be released,it would be shown in magazines in advance of the movie coming out, in cinemas and maybe in stores such as HMV where the audience could buy the poster to display in their homes. After this, the magazine with the main actress featured on the cover, including an interview and pictures, would be released, a month before the movie.
There would be a lot more involved in the promotion of the movie.
Such as:

▪ Production companies website- displaying information about the movie, release dates, sneak previews, interviews, pictures etc.
▪ Cast interviews on television and the radio- this will keep the audience aware that the movie is being released soon, slowly persuading them to go and see it.
▪ Magazines and billboards- advertising my movie. The more the movie is promoted, the more the audience is aware of it, the more likely they are to go and see it.

I also would have a website and a Facebook page for the movie which would be targeting my audience as they are young and interested in the internet and technology.
In the world of Media 2.0, my teaser trailer would be also be released on the internet and mobile phones (such as the Iphone), particularly as my target audience is age fifteen and above, which would mean they are of an age range which favours this kind of technology.
Although my movie is low-budget, it does not mean it is going to be unsuccessful. Paranormal Activity made millions of pounds worth of profit and only cost $17,000 to make. I believe this to be because of the huge promotion package involved.
My audience needs to be able to give feedback and become involved in the movie by being able to leave comments on websites, Facebook and YouTube about the movie.
To promote my movie further there would be interviews, features, competitions and opportunities for fans to become involved.
My trailer has been uploaded onto YouTube, which is a well-known website, which allows everyday people, to become prosumers. With my trailer being on YouTube, it can reach millions worldwide and people from around the globe can leave comments and give me their feedback. The term 'prosumer' is a blend of the words 'producers' and 'consumers', it means that the audience can be both. Due to technological advances, the audience becoming prosumers are more and more common, which is great. My work could also be promoted on fansites and blogs, giving it further promotion.

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The certification for my movie is 15, I purposely gave my film this rating because with my film being released in the summer of July 2010, there will be a lot of school kids free from school, wishing to go to the cinema. This allows me to widen my audience, which will overall increase the profit of my movie.
Although, anyone above the age of 15 can go and see my movie, it does reach out to a younger adult audience; mainly ages 15-25. This age constitutes the largest cinema going audience group and it contains the core audience for horror movies. This is because they are more likely to see all the promotion details for the movie and have access to technological equipment and know how to use it.
I handed out questionnaires to 30 people between the ages of 15-22 before even beginning my promotion package. This helped me a great deal, as I started my package with a fresh idea of what my audience would like to see.
The questionnaires told me that:
• My audience mainly enjoyed horror movies (both sexes, as romance films mainly related to females, and action movies mainly related to males).
• My audience wanted something 'jumpy' and 'extremely scary.'
• My audience preferred the story to be around a death and mainly preferred ghost stories to any other type of horror stories.

Obviously, all of my audience did not wish to see exactly the same things, but I tried my best to give the audience a range of what they would like to see, and went with the overall result.
After I had made my trailer, poster and magazine cover, I gained more audience feedback. I showed the same thirty people who answered my questions the first time my work. They all seemed very enthusiastic and impressed with the result of my work. They enjoyed knowing that their questionnaires had helped me get the final result and Jonathon Elliot said :
'By knowing that my results helped gain the end result. I feel as if as an individual, I have had an impact on the work and feel involved with the production. I would definitely go and see the movie, buy the magazine and the poster would intrigue me. Therefore, the package has done exactly what it was supposed to do, by persuading me to go and see the movie.'
This shows how important feedback is in the media industry, as it helps producers know exactly what their consumers are wanting, therefore helping them target their audience and widening their profits.

How did you attract/address your audience?

I carefully used stylistic and formal conventions of the genre; such as a darkened mise-en-scene, after studying successful trailers, so I could appeal to my target audience.
My actors are a similar age to my audience, this was done purposely. With my actors being roughly the same age, my audience can relate to them and identify themselves with them. This links in with The Uses and Gratifications Theory (1974) which states that members of the audience are not passive, but take an active role in interpreting and integrating media into their own lives. This theory shows how the media is not only for entertainment purposes, but for everyday life use also.
With my story being based upon a strong friendship, and how they are torn apart by death, the audience can relate to this, also. Most people have a close friend, or would like one, so the audience can look for this throughout my movie. Another thing, with the main point of my film being death, the audience can relate to this as they will have more than likely lost someone important to them. Just like the actor in my movie.
Both girls used are attractive and young, which appeals to both sexes, as the male audience will find them appealing and girls may look up to them for style tips etc.
My work goes against the Hypodermic Syringe Model; which states the audience as being passive, I believe I have an active audience. This theory claims that audiences simply absorb what the media tell them and believe it and that the views in the media are inflicted upon the audience but my audience will take pleasure in generic conventions and having their expectations played on.
There are a range of different settings in my production, which I thought was important as I did not want the audience to feel that the trailer was shot in all of the same place. This made the trailer more entertaining. In each shot the miss-en-scene was taking in account, for example, in the bedroom scenes, I placed dead roses in the background of the scene purposely. This was because dead flowers are seen to be bad luck and they represent the death, which is the main aspect of my movie.
Another great aspect of the room scene is that the room is painted in a deep red colour, which represents connotations of death, anger and danger. Which is important to my movie.
The actors wardrobes were a feature I focused on carefully. I allowed the characters to wear brighter colours in the beginning scenes, to represent happier times. The blonde victim wears white, which represents innocence. As the trailer goes on the brunette is left wearing black for the majority of the time, representing mourning and sorrow.
A couple of scenes hold a great impact. My personal favourite is where the brunette is walking alone, towards the camera, the sun is directly behind her. I positioned the camera this way so that it looked as though the female was walking out of happier times (away from the sun) and into darker ones.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

As stated earlier, by doing this project, in the age of Web 2.0 I am not just a media consumer anymore, I am a 'prosumer', I can reach millions via the internet through websites such as and Both sites have meant that my work can now reach millions, it my work is easy accessible and anyone can view it and give me feedback.
My blog explains what I have done, how I have done it and displays my final production. People from all over the world can access my blog, view my work and leave me feedback.
The same concept goes for 'YouTube' people can view my work and leave me comments. The more talked about my work becomes, the more people will research it and leave me feedback.
Meaning, my A2 media work is not just viewable to teachers, classmates and moderators, but to the whole world!
With me being in charge of filming, I tried to get as many different shots as possible: high, low, medium, long, close-ups etc. This way my camera technique is not boring, but very interesting, keeping the audience entertained.
I developed new skills with the digital movie camera and Final Cut Pro.
My characters have a North-East regional dialect, originally they were going to speak the standard English, but then I thought it was better to keep their own accents, as it adds not only originality to my production, but also verisimilitude.

I conclude that if my promotion package were to be released into the media industry professionally that it would be successful and make a lot of profits, as I have received nothing but great feedback and listened to what my target audience would like to see.

Audience response after being filmed

I conducted another set of questions after my original 30 people had seen my trailer and my print work.

I only used qualitative data, so below are some quotes from the questions I conducted:

What did you like about my promotion package?

I loved the way you used stage make-up to turn the actor into a scary ghost-like figure. I love how the trailer starts off rather slow paced and winds up fast-paced and edgy.

I think your poster and magazine cover is amazing, I would defenitely purchase these products! I love the effects and would love to know how you did them.

Would you buy my magazine cover and poster?

Defenitely. I would look at the magazine and buy it because I would want to know all the gossip from the movie and know when it was coming out so me and my friends could go see it when we aren't at school.

The poster,too. I would put that up in my room, it would defenitely scare a few people.

Did you enjoy the storyline from my trailer?

Yes, I thought it was rather original without being too wacky. I liked the simplicity of the storyline, some movies just go to far and you can't understand what's going on. Yours, however allows the audience to know what's going on, without being too basic though, because I was in suspense the whole way through.

Do you think I used enough different types of shot and locations?

I loved your location choices, they were great and kept me in suspense.

The camera angles were great,too. You used the camera very skillfully and used a good range of shots. I would defenitely watcht his movie.

Do you think I filmed and put the piece together well?

Defo! I wish this movie was real, because I would be first in line for the magazine cover and the poster and I would have my ticket at the ready!

The way I have filmed the trailer and shot photos for my print work


With me being in charge of the filming process, I knew I had to make it as good as I possibly could, by adding lots of different types of shots and camera angles, to make it more versatile and interesting.

The conversation shot- I decided to allow the audience to become introduced to the characters fully, by shooting them throughout the short conversation shot alone. This way the audience can immediately distinguish between the characters.

The first shot is a close up shot of Sophie, this is because I wanted my audience to immediately understand that she is the main character.

Then there is a medium shot of Emma, this allows the audience to know that she is important to the trailer, but not as important as Sophie. I dressed Emma in white to represent innocence.

Afterwards, there is a close-up shot of Sophie's hand wearing the bracelet, this allows the audience to know that these are important to the movie.

The camera then quickly cuts to a slightly low angled shot of Emma, as it pans down her body, to display that she is also wearing a similar bracelet. In the movie the friendship bracelets are used to show the character's bond.

Then there is another close-up of Sophie saying 'Shows that we're gonna be friends forever,' this is intentional as I wanted the audience to believe that they were, until it all goes wrong.

The crying shot- The next shot filmed is a shot of Sophie crying, it is a high angle shot, making her look vulnerable; like a target.

I dressed her in all black because she is mourning.

Walking alone- As Sophie walks alone through the park, she walks away from the camera, so the audience only see the back of her. She is dressed in a long grey mac, which represents her grey mood as she is still upset.

She is walking away from the camera and in the distance that are a lot of trees, so it appears she is walking towards them. This hints to what is going to occur later on in the trailer.

Then the camera cuts to Sophie walking over a hill towards the camera, but from a very long shot, this shows her completely alone in a large space. Representing how alone she feels now that she is without her friend.

I purposely framed the sun into the shot, as I wanted it to look as though she was walking away from the light and into slight darkness.

Phone ringing- This shot is a long shot of Sophie sitting alone on the settee, which in the beginning she was happy and with her friend on the same sofa. Again she is dressed in a black top, to represent her glum, mournful mood.

The camera stays still throughout this shot as I wanted the audience to concentrate on the phone ringing and their being no answer as this is the beginning of the haunting.

Next, there is a close-up of Sophie looking sharply away from the camera, then towards the audience with a frightened expression upon her face.

Candle flickering- Then the lights go out and as Sophie lights a candle we can only see her face. Giving the audience a false hope that something is going to jump out, when really nothing is going to occur .. yet. This leaves the audience in suspense as they are expecting something to happen.

The camera shot is a long shot so that we can see all around her.

The woods- The first shot of the woods is a kind of establishing shot, it is a long shot of Sophie walking into the woods, surrounded and trapped by the trees. This allows the audience to know there will be no escape.

I filmed this shot on a slight angle, so that it appears someone may be watching her.

Then the next shot I filmed from within the trees so that it appears Sophie is being watched.

The camera pans along with Sophie as she walks, also giving the hint to the audience that someone is following her.

Then there is an extreme close-up of Sophie's face, as she looks around quickly. She is the main focus of the shot with the trees blurred in the background. Ensuring the audience focus on Sophie.

The next shot is a medium to long shot, as Sophie runs away from the camera and slightly into the distance, looking back frantically. This puts the audience in the view of Emma, the ghost haunting Sophie, because it looks as if Sophie is running away from the audience.

The camera then focuses on a medium to long shot of Sophie running towards the camera.

The shot afterwards is a low angled shot, I got very low down with the camer and shot Sophie's feet running past the camera quickly. I tried to include as many different types of shots in the woods as possible as I wanted this to be a large scene within the trailer and also so that the audience would still be interested.

Then there is a medium shot of Sophie screaming 'Leave me alone.' The audience can still see that she is trapped by the trees and has no escape.

Room shot- The bedroom is red, which holds connotations of danger and evil. The camera slowly pans from the top of the bedroom to the bottom, giving the audience a full view of the rooom.

In the background there are some dead roses, these are known to be unlucky and represent death and the life being drained from the room.

There is a sheet on the bed and the next shot is of Sophie looking through the sheet, where she finds Emma's friendship bracelet and a lot of blood. This shot is an extreme close-up, but the camera slowly zooms out to add suspense.

Then we get Sophie's reaction shot of her breathing heavily and looking absolutely petrified.

Sophie is then sitting up in the room reading a book, when she says 'Ow,' the camera goes from a long shot to an extreme close-up of her arm by zooming it at a fast paced. The audience sees the scratches saying 'Help me' engraved into Sophie's arm.

Library- The library was another big scene within my trailer and it starts off with a shot of the glass ceiling as the camera slowly pans down, the audience can see the next scene is going to be within the library; this is an establishing shot.

Then Sophie walks down spiralled stairs, which are known in horror movies for being scary, the camera pans down the stairs as Sophie walks down them. Following her.

The next shot is a high angle, long shot of Sophie in the library looking at books. This looks like Sophie is being watched again.

Then their is a close-up of Sophie in the library, the shot is dark so the audience know something is going to happen and a hand reaches out and touches Sophie on the shoulder, she jumps and the camera cuts to the next scene.

Ghost scenes- The camera is now situated in the hallway of Sophie's house, as Sophie walks past the camera and down the stairs, she is not the main focus. Instead, the camera concentrates on a door, and the audience see a ghost-like figure walk past the doorway. This is a long shot.

Then the camera goes from an extreme close-up of Sophie brushing her hair and gradually zooms out. As Sophie leaves the room a long shot of the 'ghost' is left in the mirror. Then the camera quickly cuts to a medium shot of the 'ghost' giving the audience a closer look.

Mirrors are often a convention used in horror movies as they create suspense within the audience who expect something is going to happen.

Abandoned house- The camera then cuts to the abandoned house medium shot, which shows a run down house. This makes the audience want to know more.

Sophie sitting up in bed- This shot is a hot of Sophie who quickly sits up in bed. The audience then wonder what has happened.

Scratching- Then the end credits occur and after 'In Cinema's Everywhere' comes on screen the audience hear scratching noises with Emma saying 'leave me alone.'

Movie trailer published

Once my trailer was all filmed and edited. I decided to create a youtube channel to display my trailer on there, this means my trailer can now be seen wordlwide. I was amazed that over night it had been viewed over 50 times, which is showing that it is rather popular on youtube and many people are viewing it. The viewers can then leave comments and ideas for me to read.

My YouTube channel is :

I then decided to get my movie watched even more to post the link onto this way my friends on facebook could click the link and leave comments. I got comments on facebook off people saying how great the movie was, how realistic it looked and they couldn't believe me and Sophie had made it ourselves. This was great feedback.

Seen as I was in charge of the camera work, my blog discusses what I did by filming the piece. Sophie's blog discusses what she did in the editing process:

Location choices and song choice

Location choice

Here are the main locations I have chosen to use for my teaser trailer.
  • Living Room- for the conversation shot at beginning and for sophie sitting alone when phone rings.

  • Bed room- is red, which hold connotations of danger, the walls are red and the bedding will also be red. I want to have dead roses in the background as these represent death and life being drained. This location will also be used for the end scene where Sophie sits up in bed.

  • Old library- The lit and phil shown in the image below, has a spooky era to it as it contains a lot of old books, which i thought would be great for my trailer.

  • Park- I am going to use the park where Sophie is walking alone, she will be walking over the hills towards the camera.

  • Woods- Woods are generally creepy places to be in. This is a great setting for my trailer and I wuold like the woods section to be a rather main focus for the trailer. Including screaming scenes, walking scenes, running scenes and various camera shots.

  • Abandoned house- This house is nearby and has been abandoned for years, althoug this will not be the main focus of the trailer, abandoned houses hold connotations of horror.

Song choice

I have looked at various songs such as tracks from 'Muse,' 'Nickelback' and 'Bon Jovi.' None of these tracks seemed to reflect the image or vibe I wanted my trailer to give off.

Luckily, I found a track by a group called 'Two steps from hell' and their track was 'moving mountains.' This song matches my trailer perfectly, it is slow paced and spooky.

Below is my soundtrack.

Audience response (before seeing the final production)

I conducted a questionnaire and handed it out to 30 people with an age rang of 15-25 as this would be the general target audience for my trailer.

These questionnaires were handed out before I had created my trailer, so the audience were unaware of what my plans for my work were.

There were 5 quanitative questions and 5 qualitative questions, so I collected a range of data.

The questions were:

  1. In horror movies, which do you prefer to see : Monsters / Aliens / Murders / Ghosts

  2. Where would you prefer the main movie location: Woods / House / Street / Space

  3. Who would you like to be the main character: Teen girl/ Teen boy/ Elderly male/ Elderly Female / Adult male/ Adult female/ Child (boy) / Child (girl)

  4. Which of the conventions do you prefer to see the most of: Blood/ Death/ Weapons/ Storms/ Chase sequences/ Gore/ Screams/ Loud, eerie noises/

  5. Do you prefer the horror story to have the problem resolved at the end? Yes/ No


  1. Monsters- 3 / Aliens- 2/ Murders- 5/ Ghosts- 20

  2. Woods- 15 / House- 10/ Street- 2/ Space- 3

  3. Teen girl- 9/ Teen boy- 2/ Elderly male-1/ Elderly female- 0/ Adult male- 4/ Adult female- 5/ Child (boy)- 4/ Child (girl) - 5

  4. Blood- 7/ Death- 10/ Weapons- 2/ Storms- 1/ Chase sequences- 5/ Gore-3/ Screams- 2/ Loud, eerie noises- 0

  5. Yes- 26/ No- 4

I took this information into account when conducting my plan as I wish to please my target audience and these questions help give me an idea of what they enjoy watching.

The qualitative questions are shown below with one answer for each, I was able to understand a lot from these questions about what my audience wanted to see with an eplanation:

  1. Why do you enjoy horror movies: 'I enjoy horrors because I find it amazing how something can make you so scared, they are so entertaining to warch because they keep you on the edge of your seat. The best horrors have jumpy bits which will give you a shock.'

  2. Would you enjoy a horror story with a slight element of romance of friendship: Defenitely, when something goes wrong between people and they have a strong connection, either romantically or through friendship, it makes it a lot more interesting to watch as we can then feel the characters pain. This gives the character a lot more to fight for.

  3. Why do you think female characters are the most commonly used in horror movies: Because females are seen as vulnerable and needing to be saved. Plus, when it's a girl, you feel they can't look out for themselves and you wait in anticipation for them to either be saved/killed.

  4. When you watch a movie, or you hear of a new film being released, what do you buy from the promotion package; such as magazines featuring the film, posters, downloads etc: I like to buy movie magazines featuring the film as I enjoy seeing the exclusive images and learning more from the movie. I will often research the movie and then go to the cinema to see it. If i really enjoy it, I go buy it on DVD when it has been released.

  5. What would your ideal horror story be like: Mine would be fast-paced, lots of shrieks and yells, blood and gore. I would like the beginning to start peacefully and then suddenly something mega to happen. I enjoy watching trailers which have creepy music on. It adds that little more and makes you feel more scared.

Flat plans of print work


Magazine Cover

Below are the original photos I will use to create my poster.
I will add various effects to them by using Adobe Photoshop.


Here are my storyboards. Storyboards are great as they give you an idea of exactly what you need to do, however I did not let my storyboards restrict me and did alter a few things to make my trailer even better then I had originally planned.

Final storyline and ideas for print work

Two best-friends, who are inseperable and use friendship bracelets to symbolise this are the main characters of my trailer. This is so it relates to my target audience which I want to be age 15-25, this way my film would make more of an income as it has a wider audience.
Also, I would like my film to be released in the summer holidays so teenagers at school have broken up from school holidays, again widening my audience.
The story is a horror, so something must go wrong.
The blonde friend 'Emma' goes missing and has been murdered, her spirit starts to haunt her brunette friend 'Sophie.' She will haunt her in many different locations such as the library and in her home.
I would like mysterious markings to appear on her arm with scratches saying 'Help Me,' engraved into Sophie's skin. For this we shall use a red lipliner pencil.
Another make-up technique I shall use is on Emma, as I would like a scene off her when she is a ghost/spirit, haunting Sophie in the mirror and lurking the hallway in her house.
For this I will get some stage make-up from school. I have done a practice of this.

This practice has helped me give an idea of what I would like Emma to look like in the final production and I have learnt how to use stage make-up correctly.If my trailer were representing a movie, in the rest of the movie Sophie would go to places she sees in her nightmares to investigate her friends murder further, because the police have closed the case. In the end Emma's spirit would be laid to rest as she would be buried and resting peacefully. It would be very scary, using music to build suspense and suprise scenes to shock/scare the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats.

Print Work

For my print work I am going to create a magazine cover and a poster.
In my magazine cover I am going to use a scary image of Emma, one where she is dressed in tattered clothes and covered in stage make-up. This will challenge normal conventions of movie magazines which tend to use an attractive model for the cover. This also will challenge Naomi Wolf's theory.
I plan to alter the contrast of the image so it is very white, giving her a more ghost-like feel.
Whereas in my poster, I plan to darken the image and use red to create a scary effect, and with the red holding connotations of both evil and danger.
The backgorund of my poster is goingt to be a woods, as trees are often used in horror films; therefore they are a convention.
However, I would like to use trees as they will make the 'ghost' seem trapped, hinting at my storyline of her spirit being trapped.

Storyline plan

This is my storyline plan which I drafted to help me concentrate on what I wanted in my trailer. I got all my ideas on paper in a large spider diagram.

Originally, we had various storylines, but this one was the best and the most practical.

Movie Posters analysis

This is a movie poster for Saw 3, I am looking at the conventions of horror posters, in particular movies created by 'Twisted Pictures.' This is because I want this as my production company as they specialise in the horror genre.

This trailer is gruesome, but straight to the point. It advertises the horror movie well and hints at the plot of the story in the poster.
Saw movies are known for being horrific and gory, this is shown even in the poster.
The movie is released in Halloween, which is a great date to release a horror movie, as a lot of people go to see this genre over the holidays.
The caption 'Opening wide this Halloween' holds a play on words. ss it refers to the image of the mouth being open wide, like at a dentist. This is very effective.

This is the poster for the horror movie 'Dead Silence,' which is also produced by 'Twisted Pictures.'
This film is based upon the haunting of dolls and a woman who had a fascination with the dolls dying, but haunting her old community. The image hints at this as the main focus is the scary doll, with blood dripping from the corner of its mouth. However, the audience can also see a corpse's hand, which hints at the woman's death.
'Dead Silence' is a catchy title, which also holds a play on words, referring to being 'dead silent.' This hints at the movie storyline, as if you scream in the movie, you die! Which is shown short, straight to the point sub-heading: 'You scream. You Die.'

The 'Exorcism of Emily Rose' movie poster leaves a lot more to the imagination. Although, this is not produced by 'Twisted Pictures,' it uses the use of a tree to create horror, which is something I would like to do in my horror poster.
Something as simple as a bendy tree can add the aspect of horror immediately. This image using effects to create fog, which also adds horror and suspense straight away.
This poster is not as obvious as the other two and I would like to use it as a style model, because it leaves the audience wanting to know the storyline. Therefore, they are more likely to pay to go to the cinema to view it.

Magazine cover analysis

This is a magazine cover for the movie 'Hellboy 2.' The magazine is 'Empire,' which is a well-known successful magazine company.
The main colour scheme is red, black and white. Red and black hold connotations of evil, this is why it is used in this cover, as the name of the movie 'Hellboy' links with hell, red and black are great colour choices.
The white protrudes from the black background, making the words stand out.
The bar code for a magazine can be placed anywhere.The fire in the title 'Empire', also stands out from the screen.
The image is clear, bold and drastic. It is in the centre of the magazine cover which makes it stand out.

This is a magazine cover from 'Empire' magazine.

I chose to analyse this cover as it is slightly unusual as it uses quite neon colours, this breaks the conventions of film magazine covers, but also seen as the film featured in the magazine is 'The dark knight,'
'The dark knight,' is known as a rather gothic movie, which would ofen use dark colours, not bright ones.
The title is large, but I can recognise that the magazine is well-known as the image slightly hides some of the title.
The male actor; 'Heath Ledger' is the main focus of the magazine cover, so the audiences attention is immediately drawn to him, therefore straight away the audience looks at the movie.

This magazine is 'Premiere' magazine.
On this cover, the camera shot is an extreme close-up of Angeline Jolie.
Angelina Jolie is known for being an attractive actress, this cover supports Naomi Wolf's theory (1991) that attractive images of women are used on media products to sell to both sexes.
The model is also glaring out directly towards the camera, targeting the audience.
The magazine is clearly set out, which makes it easy for the buyer to know what is going to be featured in the magazine.
I have noticed that the magazines tend to not feature females dressed as ghosts or monsters etc. again this supports Naomi Wolf's theory. I would like to challenge this convention when creating my movie magazine.

Analysis of trailers

This is the trailer for Saw 4, which was produced by the same companies I am using 'Lions Gate Films' and 'Twisted Pictures'

  • The trailer only lasts a mere 36 seconds, which is rather short even for a teaser trailer, this will be too leave the audience in suspense.

  • It's fast cut and edgy

  • Text flashes on the screen

  • Various shots- such as medium and long shots

  • Shows its a horror trailer immediately (the audience have become used to horror conventions and recognise them straight away).

  • Male deep voice over- adds more suspense and horror

  • Opening credits- establishes that this is a bid budget film, just by saying the production companies titles.

  • Very dark lit.

  • Screams

  • Blood

  • Jump cuts

  • Scary music

  • End credits- displays a website.

Above is the trailer for the movie 'Dead Silence,' which again was produced by 'Twisted Pictures,' the company I am going to use in my trailer.

This trailer starts rather unusually, with a stereo playing rather old-fashioned, upbeast music at the beginning. Then the music fades out, which is when the audience know something bad is going to occur. The opening sequence is very dark, and the blonde woman lets off a loud shriek.

The trailer is fast and explains the storyline. With various clips of different characters speaking.

Text appears on the screen also, with a light flashing through it as an effect.

The clips are rather short and snappy, flicking from different situations, peoples and settings. This adds flare to the trailer, allowing the audience to stay entertained.

There are quite a few establishing shots, such as the shot of the old theatre, this allows the audience to know where the next clip is going to be set.

There are a lot of different camera shots:

  • long shots

  • close-ups

  • extreme close-ups

  • establishing shots

  • medium shots

  • high angle shots

  • low angle shots

I need to include a variety of shot styles in my trailer to make sure it stays interesting throughout.

Throughout, the trailer is set in the dark, which is not a surprise as this is a common convention of horror movies and the audience can recognise this.

The trailer leaves you wanting more and certainly makes the audience want to go to the movies to see it.

This trailer is for the movie 'The haunting in connecticut' which is produced by 'Lions Gate Film.'

It begins with a woman's voice-over, which breaks the conventions of normal horror trailers as usually a man's deep voice over is used to create suspense and horror.

The high angle establishing shot, which is well lit, shows the audience they are in a nice neightbourhood.

The camera than is set in the neighbourhood and the audience are aware they are in a moving car, as the camera quickly pans along the houses.

Then we meet the woman who is talking, she is a blonde, attractive female driving the car.

At the beginning of the trailer, you can not particularly tell it is going to be a horror. But then as you get introduced to the new 'creepy' house, and the scenes become low-lit, the audience can establish its genre.

At the beginning the clips are rather slow paced, but near the end they speed up, they are fast paced and quick cuts.

This trailer shows a scary, old house being used to add horror to the movie, which is something I am going to use in my horror trailer.

Analysis of 'Get Carter' Preliminary work

For my preliminary work, I worked within a small group, to re-create the murder scene from the popular movie 'Get Carter'.

We each took turns on using the camera to re-create the scene, this was so each member of the small group was familiar with the technology for when it come to creating the final piece.

We also each took a turn to edit the scene, we used a software called 'Imovie' but for my final teaser trailer, Sophie and I have decided to use 'Final Cut Pro' as we know there are a greater deal of effects and choices which come as an advantage when editing our final piece.

By doing this preliminary work, I am now familiar with the camera (which is great as this is my job) and the editing software.