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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Magazine Article


Based upon a popstar
Storyline about her will be one of these:
The singer has been in a rough relationship where her husband left her for a young page three model after being together for four loving years and her looking after his three kids during this time.
She couldn’t deal with the trauma so then she turned to drugs, but she found it hard to admit to her problem.
6 months after the excruciating break-up she announced live on national television that she was withdrawing from the music industry as she was finding hard to cope with the pressure.
Thousands of fans were devastated, her concert was cancelled. People were fuming. The press fired abuse at her through their magazines and newspapers. Close friends and family leaked personal news to the press for quick cash
But now, this year she has made a massive comeback with her best-selling 2 number one singles and sold out concerts. People have completely changed their views on her and she has recovered well.

Have quick questions in the bottom corner (mini interview)

Models name: Keeley Thornton
Music type: pop


The whole nation has tuned into her spiralling downfall in the past year and abuse has been hurled at her from every angle; even from those whom were supposed to be her support. Personal and embarrassing stories have been leaked to the press and let’s admit, the whole world turned against the once pop sensation.
Keeley Thornton and Ted Ashley were the ideal couple. Keeley helped care for his three children and it seemed they were genetically programmed to be together. The couple took the nation by storm as Keeley knocked all other musicians off the charts and Ted’s football skills wowed fans.
However, the tale took a terrible twist on January 4th 2008 when newspapers published pictures of Ted nestling up to a young, blonde bombshell in the backseat of a taxi. Keeley brushed this information over her head and claimed: ‘Ted was just out on business that night, meeting other fellow footballers at the club. The girl was just a friend of his who we both know quite well. Them in the back of the taxi together means nothing and our relationship is still stronger than ever. I am not worried about this, at all! I have watched the press try to manipulate nothing into something to ruin people’s relationships and I won’t let this happen.’
Then on February 6th Ted left Keeley for the girl he was pictured with; Norwegian beauty Lacey Grate. Keeley seemed to disappear of the face of this earth for three weeks. When she eventually came out of hiding she looked worst for wear. Her once luscious brown hair was tatted and knotted and she appeared emaciated.
‘ During that period of my life I was numb to all pain. That was just the beginning of my downward spiral. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that the press were actually correct and I was wrong. I felt so stupid, as if everyone was laughing at me behind my back.’
Keeley Thornton went into hiding for two, long months. Press couldn’t find any information about her from anywhere. No one had spoke to her or seen her and really close relatives refused to speak about anything. It was as if she had evaporated off the face of the earth, except no one ever forgot about her!
‘I was staying in my other house where the press don’t know it’s whereabouts. As far as they knew I was living with my parents somewhere. It did feel better without the pressure of the press, but not speaking to family members and friends were hard.’
On May 4th 2008 Keeley was spotted leaving the house. She looked different, her skin was pale and her hair was scraped back, her eyes appeared grey. The press snapped her photos from all angles and published multiple stories about what she had been up to whilst in hiding. Keeley did an interview and announced that she was suffering depression and couldn’t cope with all of the stress.
‘I new that I had to say something to warn the press off the scent of what I was really entangled in. Although, I wasn’t lying as I was suffering depression, but it was so much more than that. At that time I had moved back home and it seemed empty without the kids and Ted there. It was really hard to cope with and I was in a slow process of collapsing.’
On May 26th 2008 shocking news broke out. Keeley was on drugs! The press hadn’t even suspected it and the nation was shocked. The Sun was the first paper to release the story and Keeley was crushed that the news had eventually came out.
‘ I didn’t know how long it would take until it would come out, but I knew eventually it would. I just hadn’t expected it to be that soon and didn’t know how to face people, especially my fans. I knew I was letting people down, but at that time was feeling incredible amounts of self pity and didn’t seem to care.’
6th months after the emotional break-up (June 12th) Keeley did a public announcement. Everyone was shocked at how bad she looked. She was ill. She said:
‘ I would like to a-announce that I am withdrawing from the music industry. I don’t want to d-d-do it anymore … I quit!’
Thousands of fans turned against her, everybody was expecting her to make a clean announcement and explain that she was off the drugs. Everybody turned against her. The press had a field day over the news and promoted her breakdown.
‘I could not believe it! Nobody understood me, nobody felt sorry for me and I was voted the most hated woman in Britain. I could not understand. Why was no one feeling sorry for me? That’s all I needed a shoulder to cry on and someone to snap me back to normal, but nobody came for me.’
After the constant abuse coming from gossip magazines and newspapers nobody thought that her own family and close friends would turn against her too. Her aunty released photos of her at a close family party to the press; powder was spotted up her nostrils on every photo and she appeared worst for wear. Then, her best friend sold a story about her drug abuse to ‘The Daily Mirror.’ Many more were sold from close friends and family.
‘The stories from the majority of my friends and close family really were the icing on the cake. I was already onto cocaine and after these stories I turned to heroin, I relied on drugs and could not cope without them.’
Keeley was admitted to rehab and came out on August 3rd; therefore she was in rehab for two long months. It was the beginning of getting the star back onto her feet again. The press calmed down with the stories and people actually started supporting her again.
‘I started to feel great I was off the drugs for two month and was officially announced clean. My skin was glowing and my eyes regained life again. I felt fantastic and nobody could have brought me down. When I left and looked at the newspapers I was so overwhelmed that the press were behind me and so were my fans. It was great!’
Now it’s January 2009 and Keeley Thornton is back on track and looks better than ever. She has released two amazing singles: ‘Let’s go’ and ‘ Thank u’ and has sold out three concerts. She has regained all of her fans and more!
Well done Keeley we are amazed at your fast recovery.

Quick questions

1) What you are looking forward to in 2009?
‘ I am looking forward to being able to bury myself into my music. It helps focus me and now I have nothing holding me back.’

2) What do you think of your fans?
‘ I cannot thank them enough. They are the reason I am where I am today, doing the things that I love. Thank you.’

3) Do you ever speak to Ted and the children?
‘Pfft…Definitely not. I miss the kids dearly and would love to talk to them again, but wouldn’t like to confuse them and ruin Ted’s relationship. He is in my past now and will stay there permanently.

4) Do you plan to just stay in the music business?
‘No, I am booked to film a new movie sometime this year which I am excited about and I will also be featuring in a new television programme which is coming out soon. I do love music and that will always be my passion but I do want to explore other aspects of my career.’

5) Do you speak to the family and friends that betrayed you?
‘ The thing with family is no matter what they do you always love and forgive them. So yes, I do speak to all of my family members. After all you can’t chose your family, but can chose your friends. And apparently I never chose mine very well, that’s why I don’t speak to those people anymore. They have all taught me a valuable lesson about trust though.’

6) What was rehab like?
‘Rehab was great, hard, but great. The staff was great, the food was great and my room was great. The only thing that was not great was the struggle to stay off the drugs. I pulled together enough determination to do it though and afterwards I felt better than drugs ever made me feel. I think more people should enter rehab and not come out until they are clean from drugs.’

7) You enjoy charity work, what projects have you hurled yourself into then?
‘I am supporting the NSPCC and Cancer Research charities, but I am also speaking at drug related conferences to help those who struggled like me come off drugs. My dream is to own my very own rehabilitation which is free so that everyone can come. I would love that!’

8) We must admit, we love the new look, what exactly have you had done?
‘No surgery if that’s what you are hinting at. [laughs] I would never manipulate my body in like that. I have had all my dark tresses chopped off and lightened my hair slightly. I now also have my very own fitness regime and workout three times a week and eat a balanced diet. Nothing too extreme though. I just look different as I actually look healthy again. A lot of people are not used to seeing me this way as they haven’t in a long time.’

9) Would you say that your life is better now than before your breakdown?
‘Yes! Definitely. Before my breakdown I was in a relationship where I obviously wasn’t appreciated. Even when I never knew what was going on me and Ted weren’t right for each other. We just didn’t fit. Don’t get me wrong I did love him and I absolutely adored those kids. But if that’s the type of man he is, I don’t want to be with him. But I definitely am over all of that and hold nothing against him.’

10) There are allegations that you are now dating Justin Timberlake is this true?
‘Hmm … me and Justin are great friends now and have become really close. We are in the process of writing a new song, but [giggles nervously] that is where it ends. We are just friends and don’t want speculations of this going further.

Information on my music magazine

My music magazine is going to be based upon R&B, dance and pop music. I am interested in these types of music, so it will be easier to base my magazine upon these musical genres.
I am aiming my audience on teenage girls approximately around the ages of 13-17 years old. Therefore, the cover and contents should relate to girls, with stereotypical feminine colours used. Colours such as pink, light blue, yellows, orange and light green tend appeal to females more.