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Monday, 10 May 2010

Movie Posters analysis

This is a movie poster for Saw 3, I am looking at the conventions of horror posters, in particular movies created by 'Twisted Pictures.' This is because I want this as my production company as they specialise in the horror genre.

This trailer is gruesome, but straight to the point. It advertises the horror movie well and hints at the plot of the story in the poster.
Saw movies are known for being horrific and gory, this is shown even in the poster.
The movie is released in Halloween, which is a great date to release a horror movie, as a lot of people go to see this genre over the holidays.
The caption 'Opening wide this Halloween' holds a play on words. ss it refers to the image of the mouth being open wide, like at a dentist. This is very effective.

This is the poster for the horror movie 'Dead Silence,' which is also produced by 'Twisted Pictures.'
This film is based upon the haunting of dolls and a woman who had a fascination with the dolls dying, but haunting her old community. The image hints at this as the main focus is the scary doll, with blood dripping from the corner of its mouth. However, the audience can also see a corpse's hand, which hints at the woman's death.
'Dead Silence' is a catchy title, which also holds a play on words, referring to being 'dead silent.' This hints at the movie storyline, as if you scream in the movie, you die! Which is shown short, straight to the point sub-heading: 'You scream. You Die.'

The 'Exorcism of Emily Rose' movie poster leaves a lot more to the imagination. Although, this is not produced by 'Twisted Pictures,' it uses the use of a tree to create horror, which is something I would like to do in my horror poster.
Something as simple as a bendy tree can add the aspect of horror immediately. This image using effects to create fog, which also adds horror and suspense straight away.
This poster is not as obvious as the other two and I would like to use it as a style model, because it leaves the audience wanting to know the storyline. Therefore, they are more likely to pay to go to the cinema to view it.

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