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Monday, 10 May 2010

Audience response (before seeing the final production)

I conducted a questionnaire and handed it out to 30 people with an age rang of 15-25 as this would be the general target audience for my trailer.

These questionnaires were handed out before I had created my trailer, so the audience were unaware of what my plans for my work were.

There were 5 quanitative questions and 5 qualitative questions, so I collected a range of data.

The questions were:

  1. In horror movies, which do you prefer to see : Monsters / Aliens / Murders / Ghosts

  2. Where would you prefer the main movie location: Woods / House / Street / Space

  3. Who would you like to be the main character: Teen girl/ Teen boy/ Elderly male/ Elderly Female / Adult male/ Adult female/ Child (boy) / Child (girl)

  4. Which of the conventions do you prefer to see the most of: Blood/ Death/ Weapons/ Storms/ Chase sequences/ Gore/ Screams/ Loud, eerie noises/

  5. Do you prefer the horror story to have the problem resolved at the end? Yes/ No


  1. Monsters- 3 / Aliens- 2/ Murders- 5/ Ghosts- 20

  2. Woods- 15 / House- 10/ Street- 2/ Space- 3

  3. Teen girl- 9/ Teen boy- 2/ Elderly male-1/ Elderly female- 0/ Adult male- 4/ Adult female- 5/ Child (boy)- 4/ Child (girl) - 5

  4. Blood- 7/ Death- 10/ Weapons- 2/ Storms- 1/ Chase sequences- 5/ Gore-3/ Screams- 2/ Loud, eerie noises- 0

  5. Yes- 26/ No- 4

I took this information into account when conducting my plan as I wish to please my target audience and these questions help give me an idea of what they enjoy watching.

The qualitative questions are shown below with one answer for each, I was able to understand a lot from these questions about what my audience wanted to see with an eplanation:

  1. Why do you enjoy horror movies: 'I enjoy horrors because I find it amazing how something can make you so scared, they are so entertaining to warch because they keep you on the edge of your seat. The best horrors have jumpy bits which will give you a shock.'

  2. Would you enjoy a horror story with a slight element of romance of friendship: Defenitely, when something goes wrong between people and they have a strong connection, either romantically or through friendship, it makes it a lot more interesting to watch as we can then feel the characters pain. This gives the character a lot more to fight for.

  3. Why do you think female characters are the most commonly used in horror movies: Because females are seen as vulnerable and needing to be saved. Plus, when it's a girl, you feel they can't look out for themselves and you wait in anticipation for them to either be saved/killed.

  4. When you watch a movie, or you hear of a new film being released, what do you buy from the promotion package; such as magazines featuring the film, posters, downloads etc: I like to buy movie magazines featuring the film as I enjoy seeing the exclusive images and learning more from the movie. I will often research the movie and then go to the cinema to see it. If i really enjoy it, I go buy it on DVD when it has been released.

  5. What would your ideal horror story be like: Mine would be fast-paced, lots of shrieks and yells, blood and gore. I would like the beginning to start peacefully and then suddenly something mega to happen. I enjoy watching trailers which have creepy music on. It adds that little more and makes you feel more scared.

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