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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My Preliminary Contents Page...

My contents page could be improved, but for a school's contents page I believe it to be quite sufficient. I again used yellow and blue as these are the school colours.
I re-arranged the pictures to break the traditional layout and make it more interesting to look at this means I have broken conventions of a typical contents page.
I put shadow around the title 'Contents ...' to make it protrude off the page and catch the reader's eye.
I put pictures that I believe to be eye-catching and to make the reader want to read about these specific things.
I labelled the pictures with page numbers, so that if people were to quickly skim through and want to read one of those stories, it's easy to find out what page they are on.
My content's page is quite bland so now I have learned in the real work to make the front cover and contents page a bit more exciting. I shall use more titles and pictures, this gives the reader the impression of being packed with lots of exciting things to read about.
Doing the front cover and contents page has taught me a lot of things to do in my real work to improve it.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Preliminary Work ...

I created a school magazine for Heworth Grange Comprehensive School; the school which I attend. I would have liked to have been able to devote more time into my front cover.
I used the school colours: blue and yellow. I used an attractive model who is staring directly out at the audience, this is because she appeals to the audience.
I also used a traditional magazine convention; a yellow border across the top. This contains writing to show what else is in my magazine.
I used bright colours to protrude from the page and appeal to my audience.
My magazine was created for Heworth Grange students as it contains information on the school.
I used storylines which I thought the pupils would want to read about and what they would be intrigued by.
I used shadow around the image boxes and around the star which has 'issue 1' written inside, this is to make these certain things stand off the page.
I tilted two of the images to break the convential layout and make it appealing to the eye.

What I Intend To Do ...

I am making a magazine in media which has to be based upon music. I enjoy pop music such as artists like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera, Girls Aloud, Justin Timberlake, Westlife and the Sugababes. I have decided to do a pop magazine as it suits my preference of music.
I like the look of 'Smash hits!' magazine. I like the simple colour scheme as things aren't too complicated; they're just right.
It's aimed at predominantly female audience because of the stereotypical pinks and yellows used. It has a very busy-looking style which gives the intention of the magazine having a lot of things inside it.
There is a use of studio and candid images. The candid images are relaxed snapshots whereas the studio images are formally posed pictures. For example, the one of Preston in the top right corner.
The studio photos are looking out at the audience which directly appeals to them.
I have noticed that in a magazine the barcode can be placed anywhere (as long as it's not over another image) it's not important.
The magazine is a music and celebrity magazine, as it has images of Preston (a musician) and Chantelle Houghton (a girl from Big Brother.)
The audience of the magazine is teenage girls, you can tell by the celebrities used, the colour schemes and the content.
The magazine has shadow/highlight to make the writing stand out.
With the use of shadow some of the pictures have a 3D and dynamic effect which gives the images depth.
The pink behind the 3 girls on the bottom right appears as if they are walking off the magazine. There is bright pink behind them which is a catwalk, this makes the images again look 3D and lively.