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Friday, 22 January 2010


We have decided to create a horror trailer, so I am now going to look at production companies.
The main company I have decided to use is : Lions Gate Film. This company is known globally and is very successful, which is why I have chosen it.

I have decided to also have Twisted Pictures as my production company. This company is well-known for horrors, such as:

  • Saw
  • Dead silence
  • Catacombs


I shall analyse a variety of different horror trailers, to shows me the conventions of a horror, teaser trailer.

Dividng Responsibilities

I am looking forward to constructing the new project and I am now in the planning process.

I have decided to work with Sophie Liddle again as I know we work well together. The first thing we decided to do was organise our responsibilities within the project.

We have decided that I am going to film the project and direct the project. as appose to Sophie who is going to be in the trailer and edit it,too.

With us working in such a small group, we are both planning the project.
The project I am doing is :

A promotion package for a new film, to include a teaser trailer with:
  • a film magazine front cover, featuring the film
  • a poster for the film