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Monday, 10 May 2010

Audience response after being filmed

I conducted another set of questions after my original 30 people had seen my trailer and my print work.

I only used qualitative data, so below are some quotes from the questions I conducted:

What did you like about my promotion package?

I loved the way you used stage make-up to turn the actor into a scary ghost-like figure. I love how the trailer starts off rather slow paced and winds up fast-paced and edgy.

I think your poster and magazine cover is amazing, I would defenitely purchase these products! I love the effects and would love to know how you did them.

Would you buy my magazine cover and poster?

Defenitely. I would look at the magazine and buy it because I would want to know all the gossip from the movie and know when it was coming out so me and my friends could go see it when we aren't at school.

The poster,too. I would put that up in my room, it would defenitely scare a few people.

Did you enjoy the storyline from my trailer?

Yes, I thought it was rather original without being too wacky. I liked the simplicity of the storyline, some movies just go to far and you can't understand what's going on. Yours, however allows the audience to know what's going on, without being too basic though, because I was in suspense the whole way through.

Do you think I used enough different types of shot and locations?

I loved your location choices, they were great and kept me in suspense.

The camera angles were great,too. You used the camera very skillfully and used a good range of shots. I would defenitely watcht his movie.

Do you think I filmed and put the piece together well?

Defo! I wish this movie was real, because I would be first in line for the magazine cover and the poster and I would have my ticket at the ready!

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