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Monday, 10 May 2010

Movie trailer published

Once my trailer was all filmed and edited. I decided to create a youtube channel to display my trailer on there, this means my trailer can now be seen wordlwide. I was amazed that over night it had been viewed over 50 times, which is showing that it is rather popular on youtube and many people are viewing it. The viewers can then leave comments and ideas for me to read.

My YouTube channel is :

I then decided to get my movie watched even more to post the link onto this way my friends on facebook could click the link and leave comments. I got comments on facebook off people saying how great the movie was, how realistic it looked and they couldn't believe me and Sophie had made it ourselves. This was great feedback.

Seen as I was in charge of the camera work, my blog discusses what I did by filming the piece. Sophie's blog discusses what she did in the editing process:

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