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Thursday, 11 December 2008

My Questionnaire

This is my questionnaire. The original questionnaire was printed from word and handed out to 20 people. I ensured that these people were teenage girls; as this is my target audience.
The link above is from a useful website and I used this to display what my questionnaire was like as I experienced difficulties when trying to put the original document onto my blog.
This questionnaire has helped me conduct my final piece, as I now understand what my target audience gains gratification from and can use their ideas in my piece.
The most popular answers to question one was music celebrity gossip and celebrity real life, therefore I used these in my front cover to attract my target audience to the magazine, thus making them want to buy it.
The most popular colour scheme choice (question 2) was pink and blue, therefore I used this colour scheme on my front cover and contents page. Pink and baby blue are sterotypically female colours anyway and will attract the reader.
Question 3 (about using an attractive model) was mainly answered yes and most said they would think the magazine unprofessional and would not buy it if it did not. This links in with Naomi Wolf's theory and proves it correct.
Simple layouts was the most popular choice and therefore I included only one image on my front cover as I did not want to over-complicate the design of the magazine.
Pop and r&b were the most popular answers to question 5, which was extremely good as it shows I chose who I gave the questionnaires to well.
The most popular answers to question 6 were: celebrity lifestyle, new album and music releases and interviews. So I used these features in my magazine as I want to attract my target audience.
Number seven was mainly answered a range of fonts, I listened to my target audience on this, but did not too many as again I did not want to over-complicate/ clutter the layout of my front cover.
Number 8 was mainly answered follow the conventions. I have to an extent done this when conducting my magazine, thus keeping my target audience pleased.
Bold colour schemes was the most popular answer to question nine and therefore I used quite bold colours when creating my magazine.
I placed my model on the right hand side of the magazine front cover as this is what my target audience liked the most as 16/20 preferred this particular feature.
I have used my audience's answers to help me create my magazine and believe it has been rather useful.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Marjorie Ferguson-Categorising facial expressions

Marjorie Ferguson (1980) identified four types of facial expressions for the covers of British women's magazines.

They were:

Chocolate Box

This is where the model has a half or full smile, with their lips together or slightly parted, their teeth are barely visible, face is full or three quarter to the camera. The projected mood: blandly pleasing, warm bath warmth, it is where the uniformity of features in their smooth perfection is devoid of uniqueness/ individuality.


This is where there is an emphasis in the eyes, the model's mouth is shut or has a hint of a smile, their head is to one side or looking back to the camera. The Projected Mood: this is suggestive of mischief or mystery, the hin oft contact potential rather than sexual promise, the cover equivalent of advertising's soft cell.


This is where there is a full face, the model has a wide open toothy smile, their head is thrust forward or their chin is thrown back, their hair is often wind-blown. The Projected Mood: Is aggressive, the model seems to be like 'look-at-me' demanding, the hard sell, 'big come-on' approach.

Romantic Or Sexual

A fourth and more general classification devised to include male and female 'two-somes' or their is the dreamy, heavy-lidded, unsmiling big-heads, or they're overtly sensual or sexual. The projected mood: possibly 'available' and 'defenitely available.'

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Vixen Music Magazine

I think the title 'Vixen' is very foxy and sexy and it is bold so it stands out.
There are three different fonts used, which is a traditional convention of a magazine. It varies the text, without over-complicating things.
Rihanna is a well-known artist, so she is a recognisable face to the audience. She is colour-coded to the magazine as the background is purple and she has purple in her hair. She protrudes off the page as she is in blue which stands from the purple background. This makes her the main focus of the front cover and it also makes her appear dynamic.
This front cover is not too cramped, but not too simple. There is only one image on the full front cover, which focuses all the attention on Rihanna. Having one image is a classic convention of a music magazine.
Rihanna is posing sexually, she has her mouth half open, is dressed quite revealing and has her hand on her hip with her head tilted.
An attractive female is used which supports Naomi Wolf's theory of having erotic images of women sell products to women.
Another convention of a music magazine is a website, this is so the audience can gather extra information about the magazine and it's contents on the internet.
The bar code can be placed anywhere, but in this case it isn't in focus as it's in the bottom corner, so it doesn't attract attention away from the rest of the front cover.
The colour scheme is particularly feminine: purple, pink and yellows. This tells me that the magazine is aimed at female's but also as it concentrates on celebrity lifestyle and not just the music.

Q Magazine

The genre of Q magazine is indie, classic and rock. This isn't the type of genre I am interested in but I shall analyse this magazine cover to find typical conventions of music magazines, which I can use when creating my very own music magazine.
There is a simple colour scheme of red, black, white and grey which fits with the Q logo itself.
The image of Madonna blends into the background, but Madonna is a well-known celebrity. The image also comes out infront of 'Q' to make Madonna appear more dynamic.
I believe this issue of the magazine is trying to appeal to a female audience, as in general men buy music magazine, as appose to women who tend to be more interested in celebrity lifestlye magazines.
Q has it's regular tag 'Britain's Biggest Music Magazine.'
This is a 2008 issue, I have noticed that recently in the last few issues of Q it has been steering away from music and entering a more celebrity lifestlye approach. This may be becuase they know they have to change their magazine to keep their audience, this issue shows early signs of this.
There is also a list of music in the top right corner, so that the magazine isn't just focusing on celebrity lifestyle.

Vibe Music Magazine

I like this magazine as it is based upon the genre of music I am interested in: R&B.
There is an attractive women on the front (Ciara,) according to Naomi Wolf (1990) erotic images of women are used to sell products to women. Of course, they will also sell to men as men find these models appealing.
The colour layout is very simple, it's mainly dark/light blue and yellow with a small amount of different colours in smaller writing.
Compared to women magazines, there isn't much writing and the focus of the magazine is obviously Ciara as her picture is large and so is the writing revolving her.
The bar code is in the bottom left corner, although it can be placed anywhere.
In the background colour there is a lighter gradient, this focuses the magazine on Ciara. It is lighter in the middle and a darker blue on the outside.
The writing on the bottom right of the magazine is curved, around her bottom, this is to emphasise the curviness of Ciara. This writing is also: yellow, red and green; the Jamaican flag colours, this is appropriate as Vibe is a black, music magazine.
The title 'Vibe' protrudes off the page, but Ciara's head hides part of the title. This shows that the magazine is particularly well-known.
Ciara looks extremely air-brushed (almost doll-like) this is to make her look flawless and perfect, but it is noticable that her image has been edited. The image of Ciara is emphasised. Her hair is extremely large and curly and her curves are extremely apparent. I believe the image has been manipulated to concentrate on the sex appeal of the image, she is dressed in leather and the lighting focuses on her curves.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My Preliminary Contents Page...

My contents page could be improved, but for a school's contents page I believe it to be quite sufficient. I again used yellow and blue as these are the school colours.
I re-arranged the pictures to break the traditional layout and make it more interesting to look at this means I have broken conventions of a typical contents page.
I put shadow around the title 'Contents ...' to make it protrude off the page and catch the reader's eye.
I put pictures that I believe to be eye-catching and to make the reader want to read about these specific things.
I labelled the pictures with page numbers, so that if people were to quickly skim through and want to read one of those stories, it's easy to find out what page they are on.
My content's page is quite bland so now I have learned in the real work to make the front cover and contents page a bit more exciting. I shall use more titles and pictures, this gives the reader the impression of being packed with lots of exciting things to read about.
Doing the front cover and contents page has taught me a lot of things to do in my real work to improve it.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Preliminary Work ...

I created a school magazine for Heworth Grange Comprehensive School; the school which I attend. I would have liked to have been able to devote more time into my front cover.
I used the school colours: blue and yellow. I used an attractive model who is staring directly out at the audience, this is because she appeals to the audience.
I also used a traditional magazine convention; a yellow border across the top. This contains writing to show what else is in my magazine.
I used bright colours to protrude from the page and appeal to my audience.
My magazine was created for Heworth Grange students as it contains information on the school.
I used storylines which I thought the pupils would want to read about and what they would be intrigued by.
I used shadow around the image boxes and around the star which has 'issue 1' written inside, this is to make these certain things stand off the page.
I tilted two of the images to break the convential layout and make it appealing to the eye.

What I Intend To Do ...

I am making a magazine in media which has to be based upon music. I enjoy pop music such as artists like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera, Girls Aloud, Justin Timberlake, Westlife and the Sugababes. I have decided to do a pop magazine as it suits my preference of music.
I like the look of 'Smash hits!' magazine. I like the simple colour scheme as things aren't too complicated; they're just right.
It's aimed at predominantly female audience because of the stereotypical pinks and yellows used. It has a very busy-looking style which gives the intention of the magazine having a lot of things inside it.
There is a use of studio and candid images. The candid images are relaxed snapshots whereas the studio images are formally posed pictures. For example, the one of Preston in the top right corner.
The studio photos are looking out at the audience which directly appeals to them.
I have noticed that in a magazine the barcode can be placed anywhere (as long as it's not over another image) it's not important.
The magazine is a music and celebrity magazine, as it has images of Preston (a musician) and Chantelle Houghton (a girl from Big Brother.)
The audience of the magazine is teenage girls, you can tell by the celebrities used, the colour schemes and the content.
The magazine has shadow/highlight to make the writing stand out.
With the use of shadow some of the pictures have a 3D and dynamic effect which gives the images depth.
The pink behind the 3 girls on the bottom right appears as if they are walking off the magazine. There is bright pink behind them which is a catwalk, this makes the images again look 3D and lively.