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Thursday, 11 December 2008

My Questionnaire

This is my questionnaire. The original questionnaire was printed from word and handed out to 20 people. I ensured that these people were teenage girls; as this is my target audience.
The link above is from a useful website and I used this to display what my questionnaire was like as I experienced difficulties when trying to put the original document onto my blog.
This questionnaire has helped me conduct my final piece, as I now understand what my target audience gains gratification from and can use their ideas in my piece.
The most popular answers to question one was music celebrity gossip and celebrity real life, therefore I used these in my front cover to attract my target audience to the magazine, thus making them want to buy it.
The most popular colour scheme choice (question 2) was pink and blue, therefore I used this colour scheme on my front cover and contents page. Pink and baby blue are sterotypically female colours anyway and will attract the reader.
Question 3 (about using an attractive model) was mainly answered yes and most said they would think the magazine unprofessional and would not buy it if it did not. This links in with Naomi Wolf's theory and proves it correct.
Simple layouts was the most popular choice and therefore I included only one image on my front cover as I did not want to over-complicate the design of the magazine.
Pop and r&b were the most popular answers to question 5, which was extremely good as it shows I chose who I gave the questionnaires to well.
The most popular answers to question 6 were: celebrity lifestyle, new album and music releases and interviews. So I used these features in my magazine as I want to attract my target audience.
Number seven was mainly answered a range of fonts, I listened to my target audience on this, but did not too many as again I did not want to over-complicate/ clutter the layout of my front cover.
Number 8 was mainly answered follow the conventions. I have to an extent done this when conducting my magazine, thus keeping my target audience pleased.
Bold colour schemes was the most popular answer to question nine and therefore I used quite bold colours when creating my magazine.
I placed my model on the right hand side of the magazine front cover as this is what my target audience liked the most as 16/20 preferred this particular feature.
I have used my audience's answers to help me create my magazine and believe it has been rather useful.