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Monday, 10 May 2010

My Movie Magazine Cover

Here is my magazine cover which I created on Adobe Photoshop and added various effects.
I am familiar with Adobe Photoshop as I used the software to create last year's music magazine and I have used it throughout my GCSE's.
I edited the colour of the photo by using the brightness/contrast tool and adjusting the auto colour of the image. I wanted the image to be very white, so that the black and red make-up would protrude from the page.
I used red, black and white as my three main colours as they tend to hold connotations of evil and are used in horror productions.
Red holds connotations of death and danger.
I used drop shadow effects on my texts to make them stand out of the page.
I also used various font sizes so that words such as 'Emma Milne,' would stand out to the audience.
My magazine cover has a bar code, price and caption, just like real magazines out on the market.
I believe that if this were to be put on the market, it would please my target audience of 15-25 year olds and would make a large profit.

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