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Friday, 8 May 2009

Second analysed contents page

This contents page is slightly more complex than the other as it includes various images, which are different style and some are slightly tinted or different colours. I prefer this contents and want my magazine contents page to have various images along one side.
This contents uses quite faded, washed out colours which could be to show that some of the artists featured in this contents are older and from the past, but still major artists today who have had an affect on the music industry.
Or it could be to link in with the rock genre of the magazine.
The layout of the writing is clear and seperate from the pictures, this makes it very easy for the reader to read and means they can be directed to the page number straight away.
A lot of contents pages I have looked at include a section called 'this month's contributors.' This is along the right hand side of this contents page and gives the people involved in the magazine recognition for their hard work.
On the bottom in the beige box, is a section on the reviews which the magazine (UNCUT) has conducted. They are all the people they have spoken to and with such a long list like this shows the reader they have done a lot of work.
The slightly complicated contents page implies there is a lot going on inside the magazine and intrigues the reader.
In the small red box is an image of the magazine cover, which is a feature I wish to include in my magazine with arrows and page numbers to make it very clear to the reader where to find things from the cover. But, the magazine is using the image of the front cover to offer the reader's a special offer which is a good way to intise the reader and make them wish to carry on reading the magazine. As everyone loves special offers or free items.

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