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Friday, 8 May 2009

Analysed contents page

I have analysed various contents pages to see the conventions of what they normally are like in music magazines and to help me with ideas for conducting my piece.
This contents page has a black and white effect which links in well with the dark genre of the magazine and the band.
The picture is very large and attracts the reader's attention.
I feel that the photo expresses the band well as it shows their gothic style and rebellious attitudes. This again relates well with the magazine's genre.
In the top right corner of the photograph is a small caption which reads: 'manic in detroit: three decades of excess with Kiss, p32.' This is useful to the reader as it informs them on what is occurring in the image, why they are featured in the magazine (because it's their third decade,) the band's name is 'Kiss' (although regular readers who are already interested in this genre would already know this and the caption also informs the reader on what page they shall find the article.
Although, the police are in this photo and are supposed to be telling the band off, they do not look particularly unhappy with the band and are actually smiling and laughing. This gives off a good impression of the band, that they are not going against the policeman's authority and being a nuisance to the law, that they are actually getting a long with the police. Which implies they are rather likable people and doesn't give a negative influence on the younger readers of the magazine (teenagers, etc.)
The writing on the magazine is at the bottom and has a box around it so that it is seperate from the picture, but also so that it slightly stands out and is clear.
The writing is in clear columns and has bold red titles, which protrude from the page and make it easier for the reader. Red often holds connotations of danger or blood, which links in well with the dark, gothic genre of this certain magazine.
The page numbers are clear which makes it easy for the reader to find what they are looking for and their are small captions below each of the sub-headings explaining what is on this page. This is good as it debriefs the reader on what is on this page and will make them wish to read more.

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