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Friday, 8 May 2009

Analysed Interview 2

This is a first page of an interview which I am analysing to help me with ideas on what conventions and styles I wish to follow.

The big, bold title 'One From The Heart' is in block capitals, making it protrude from the page. I have noticed that the title is usual the largest font on the page so that it stands out the most and this is a feature in which I plan to follow.

I believe the red in this article is to represent passion as Scarlett Johannson is often seen as a sex symbol.

The red stands from the page which means the audience are likely to be intrigued and wish to read the article.

Again, the interview is in clear columns a common convention used in magazines.

The questions are in bold, which means they are clear and easy to read.

I have decided that I am making an article, but wish to use a small section of the article to ask my 'celebrity' some questions. This is because I know that my target audience enjoy articles and questions, as I gathered this information from my questionnaire results.
There is a small image which has been tilted for effect and breaks the article up.

This is the second page of the article. The star is wearing her red dress which matches her red lips (which she is well known for.) This matches the red on the article and stands for passion and lust- even though the image is not particularly sexy or provocative, she is still looking attractive and is well-known for her looks.
Although, the star is most famous for her acting she is interested in music and singing too and this is what the article is based upon.
On the right hand side of the large image is the 'UNCUT Book Club' section which describes a certain book, therefore giving it publicity and advertising this book.

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