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Friday, 8 May 2009

Analysed article

This is the first page of a double page article. i like how the title 'Everybody here wants you' protrudes from the page with the use of bolder colours, very large font and swirly writing. This catches the reader's eye immediately, making them want to read thee article.

The sub-heading is centred which makes the reader wish to read it and pulls them in by introducing the article to the reader.

I like how the 'J' is the largest letter in the actual article itself, this also catches the reader and introduces the article and is a feature I wish to use when conducting my piece.

The columns are very structured and neat which makes it easy for the reader to read. This is a typical convention of magazine articles, so obviously I will follow this.

There is a large quote from the article, which is a different font, colour and is larger than the rest of the text. This means the reader is more likely to read it as it catches their eye. Therefore, it has to be an entertaining quote which will make the reader wish to read on and represent the article well.

This is the second page of the article and is a large image of Joan Wasser, which is who the article is based on. I like this convention and shall use it when creating my article.
The colour scheme matches the article perfectly and the model appears to be quite edgy, which will reflect her profession well. The model is not particularly posed and she appears quite naturalistic which fits in with the colours of the article.
There is a small quote in the top right hand corner explaining the image.
The patterns in the top left hand corner and bottom right hand corner matches the font on the first page of the article perfectly.
The fact that the model is wearing a black, leather jacket again makes her appear slightly edgy, but also means she stands from the beige background, making her the main feature of the page.

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