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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My Preliminary Contents Page...

My contents page could be improved, but for a school's contents page I believe it to be quite sufficient. I again used yellow and blue as these are the school colours.
I re-arranged the pictures to break the traditional layout and make it more interesting to look at this means I have broken conventions of a typical contents page.
I put shadow around the title 'Contents ...' to make it protrude off the page and catch the reader's eye.
I put pictures that I believe to be eye-catching and to make the reader want to read about these specific things.
I labelled the pictures with page numbers, so that if people were to quickly skim through and want to read one of those stories, it's easy to find out what page they are on.
My content's page is quite bland so now I have learned in the real work to make the front cover and contents page a bit more exciting. I shall use more titles and pictures, this gives the reader the impression of being packed with lots of exciting things to read about.
Doing the front cover and contents page has taught me a lot of things to do in my real work to improve it.

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