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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Marjorie Ferguson-Categorising facial expressions

Marjorie Ferguson (1980) identified four types of facial expressions for the covers of British women's magazines.

They were:

Chocolate Box

This is where the model has a half or full smile, with their lips together or slightly parted, their teeth are barely visible, face is full or three quarter to the camera. The projected mood: blandly pleasing, warm bath warmth, it is where the uniformity of features in their smooth perfection is devoid of uniqueness/ individuality.


This is where there is an emphasis in the eyes, the model's mouth is shut or has a hint of a smile, their head is to one side or looking back to the camera. The Projected Mood: this is suggestive of mischief or mystery, the hin oft contact potential rather than sexual promise, the cover equivalent of advertising's soft cell.


This is where there is a full face, the model has a wide open toothy smile, their head is thrust forward or their chin is thrown back, their hair is often wind-blown. The Projected Mood: Is aggressive, the model seems to be like 'look-at-me' demanding, the hard sell, 'big come-on' approach.

Romantic Or Sexual

A fourth and more general classification devised to include male and female 'two-somes' or their is the dreamy, heavy-lidded, unsmiling big-heads, or they're overtly sensual or sexual. The projected mood: possibly 'available' and 'defenitely available.'

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