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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Q Magazine

The genre of Q magazine is indie, classic and rock. This isn't the type of genre I am interested in but I shall analyse this magazine cover to find typical conventions of music magazines, which I can use when creating my very own music magazine.
There is a simple colour scheme of red, black, white and grey which fits with the Q logo itself.
The image of Madonna blends into the background, but Madonna is a well-known celebrity. The image also comes out infront of 'Q' to make Madonna appear more dynamic.
I believe this issue of the magazine is trying to appeal to a female audience, as in general men buy music magazine, as appose to women who tend to be more interested in celebrity lifestlye magazines.
Q has it's regular tag 'Britain's Biggest Music Magazine.'
This is a 2008 issue, I have noticed that recently in the last few issues of Q it has been steering away from music and entering a more celebrity lifestlye approach. This may be becuase they know they have to change their magazine to keep their audience, this issue shows early signs of this.
There is also a list of music in the top right corner, so that the magazine isn't just focusing on celebrity lifestyle.

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