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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Vibe Music Magazine

I like this magazine as it is based upon the genre of music I am interested in: R&B.
There is an attractive women on the front (Ciara,) according to Naomi Wolf (1990) erotic images of women are used to sell products to women. Of course, they will also sell to men as men find these models appealing.
The colour layout is very simple, it's mainly dark/light blue and yellow with a small amount of different colours in smaller writing.
Compared to women magazines, there isn't much writing and the focus of the magazine is obviously Ciara as her picture is large and so is the writing revolving her.
The bar code is in the bottom left corner, although it can be placed anywhere.
In the background colour there is a lighter gradient, this focuses the magazine on Ciara. It is lighter in the middle and a darker blue on the outside.
The writing on the bottom right of the magazine is curved, around her bottom, this is to emphasise the curviness of Ciara. This writing is also: yellow, red and green; the Jamaican flag colours, this is appropriate as Vibe is a black, music magazine.
The title 'Vibe' protrudes off the page, but Ciara's head hides part of the title. This shows that the magazine is particularly well-known.
Ciara looks extremely air-brushed (almost doll-like) this is to make her look flawless and perfect, but it is noticable that her image has been edited. The image of Ciara is emphasised. Her hair is extremely large and curly and her curves are extremely apparent. I believe the image has been manipulated to concentrate on the sex appeal of the image, she is dressed in leather and the lighting focuses on her curves.

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