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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Reflective summary of year 12

In year 12 I learnt a lot of things which I hope to carry into year 13 to help me achieve the best possible mark I can achieve.
Making the magazine not only taught me how to use Adobe Photoshop and it's different features, but it also taught me other skills.
One of these skills is organisation, without organisation the piece won't come together nicely and in the end it will be a panic, I believe my organisation skills were particularly good when conducting my magazine. I knew the layout of my magazine, where the photographs were to be taken, what magazine I was planning on creating and was always thinking ahead.
One skill i could have improved on in year 12 was time-keeping. The photographs took a great deal longer than I had expected. In total we had 4 different photoshoots, thankfully, the last shoot was a success and the scenery of the beach and the woods worked beautifully.

Last year I worked in a pair with a girl called Sophie Liddle who also attended my media class, we worked well together.
Therefore, although this year the criteria is filming, I can take some things I learnt from creating the magazine forward and use them to an advantage. I can also look back on things which I could have done better such as time-keeping, more-detailed planning and getting straight onto the practical as quickly as possible and learn from these mistakes.

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